Today, we are really excited to share the news with our community that we have joined CoreOS!

At Redspread, we focused on Kubernetes because we saw its potential to enable collaborative deployment - the ability for cross-functional teams to develop and deploy software both quickly and safely. Our early engineering efforts focused on making Kubernetes easier to use, because we saw usability as a major barrier to adopting Kubernetes and thus adopting a more collaborative deployment style - our hearts have always been in the potential functionality enabled by Kubernetes.

CoreOS has been an early stand-out Kubernetes leader, and we always enjoyed working with Alex and Brandon in the community. The opportunity to join CoreOS was the opportunity to continue working on what we’ve already accomplished at Redspread, with more resources and much more context. It was the opportunity to start building a world enabled by the functionality of Kubernetes as a platform. We couldn’t be more excited to join the CoreOS team and to help drive this movement forward.

We’ll continue to maintain Spread as an open source command line tool - we’ll be moving it over to CoreOS’s GitHub organization soon. We’re also incorporating core Redspread IP into the Tectonic toolchain - you’ll see more of that in the coming months.

My new email is [email protected], and Dan’s email is [email protected] Feel free to reach out to us at any time. :)

For those interested in learning more, here is the blog post at CoreOS:

I’d also encourage that you check out CoreOS projects on GitHub, chat with the team on IRC. And join Dan and me for a webinar this November to dive in deeper with us,

Best, Mackenzie