• Using AWS's EC2 Container Registry with K8S

    Continuing with the theme of running K8S off of AWS, why not register your containers there as well? EC2 Container Registry is a new service from Amazon that enables you to store your containers in the same datacenters that your containers run from. But, due to how Amazon handles security

  • Creating an AWS SSL Terminated K8S LoadBalancer

    Currently there is no off-the-shelf way to terminate a K8S SSL connection using an ELB (though there are rumors this will be added in Kubernetes 1.2). When a service has type: LoadBalancer, the generated ELB will only use standard TCP connection. The way to terminate SSL connections using an

  • Getting started with Kubernetes & AWS

    Introducing Eric Koslow, cofounder of Lattice. At Lattice, Eric creates software to help companies set and manage their goals. Eric will be writing a series of guest posts on setting up Kubernetes on AWS. -Mackenzie Here at Lattice, we recently migrated from a Heroku-based infrastructure to running our own Kubernetes